Fuel price is not included in the rental contract start leasing fuel delivered at the end of the specified level is received at the same level. In The vehicles returned with missing or empty fuel tank, fuel differences, taken together with the service fee.

some tools to burn in our gas tank warning light is delivered to customers with fuel, the vehicle is non refundable upon return of the gas contained within us while handing.


additional Drivers

In case conform to show a driver's license and rental preconditions (excluding deposit prerequisite) a contract to 2 drivers can be written without being charged any fees, 2,00€ for each after 2 driver driver / fee on the day the amount is requested.


Baby and Child Seats

Car seats for babies and children can be provided upon request at an extra charge. Our responsible reservation if you specify during your reservation will give you information.


Navigation device

Car navigation device to be provided upon request at an extra charge. Our responsible reservation if you specify during your reservation will give you information.


Outside City Delivery Vehicle

The non-delivery of Interest Antalya province, the region is subject to additional charges based on the distance to Antalya.

Rental Period:
Minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Driver's License and Age Low Limit:

E and D groups of vehicles (Symbol Albea) 23 years and 2 years driving license,
F and G group vehicles (Fluence, Courier) 25 years old and 3-year license,
S and C groups of vehicles (Starex, Vito) 28 years old and 5-year driver's license is required.
Deposit (Credit Card Usage)
During the rental of our rental customers who are required to have arranged a credit card in their name. From this credit card, it varies depending on the vehicle group rented with 100, a pre-authorization of € can be blocked.

Use and Mileage Limit:

Tenants will do absolutely must inform the kilometers long must our company. There kilometer limit in a rented car daily kilometer limit is 200 kilometers a day request is received from the customer to notice the difference every 200 km and the vehicle can only be used in the vaccines of the Republic of Turkey.

Traffic Fines:
The Lessee all kinds of traffic fines and liability that may occur during the contract period.

All vehicles T. C. Traffic Insurance stipulated by the law and also are insured by private Damage Insurance. In case of non-fulfillment of the aforementioned conditions are the responsibility of the tenant insurance.

Insurance coverage of the remaining points:

Being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs,
To exceed the specified speed limit,
Move from the place where the vehicle during the accident,
Accident assessment report, alcohol report or reports of stolen like to take priority official records and documents covered by insurance,
* If the license key and portable appliances being stolen due to remain covered by insurance.
* Accident external rubber, glass, headlight damage can optionally be secured by the LCF insurance for an extra fee.
Please contact us for more detailed information under the general terms and insurance.

Rental rates are based on the circumstances and who understand the initial booking confirmation. a change in the situation it is not possible to be able to meet the operational demands can be in these circumstances (to be booked the vehicle, maintenance of kilometers to come and so on.) may not meet these demands. Even if the change request can be accepted for an additional charge will change the calculation of the price determined in this case primarily or early return may not be possible in return. In any of the following conditions may change the terms of a lease changes that may occur. Request for extension of the lease, taken by telephone in the first overtime and costs charged edilirek approved by mail order. In subsequent extension request must be brought to one of our agent's office be checked.


   Changing the date and time of return (extension / early return)
   changes in the return station
   Vehicle group changes
   The demand for additional drivers added to the contract
   Time difference
Rental period is 24 hours. 3 hours late delivery can be requested for an amount up to 20% of the daily rental rate. In cases exceeding 3 hours are charged 1 daily rate. Delays in obtaining the consent of the trip and benefit from the Insurance Coverage (Full or deductible Accident Insurance) may lead to outages.

Bookings you have made through our website are available with the following conditions:

Where you if requested to change the booking conditions (to be return before the date or after a change in the rotation station, changing the car group, contract additional drivers added demand) as not to meet the request, the demand for an additional fee if the meeting can occur in case of failure to a reduction in or rental fee .
The exemption to all prices that you see on our site Accident Insurance, KDV, and unlimited mileage is included. You can get information by reading the price Conditions Other additional services for your needs.
Reservation intensity all of the time in the car rental fee when booking or mail order or can be requested by a portion of one of the account transfer process. 30% of the total rental cost not less than a day's rental if booking tool delivery date and time of 48 hours or wishes to be canceled up to less than the vehicle is charged as booking fee and will be refunded the remaining amount.
lease will be signed during rental.
Selected on the reservation you made, although not a common practice in vehicle brands and models replaced with an equivalent vehicle.
Please call the contact phone that you will be notified in case of a possible need to be taken, despite all the measures in order to avoid a problem with your journey.
After that you have to be sought by certain reservations or our reservations department will receive a message. Your payment, your credit card or account transfer mail delivery order with the booking stage or vehicle when you can pay by credit card or in cash.
If you want your company to be certified to the side of the rental fee if you deliver us your billing information, your company will get in touch with the relevant contact our accounting department.
reservations have made our site the ability Vehicle Rental rates Terms and Conditions Terms of Use site it is valid if it is accepted by you read.